Each LifeScanner Kit comes with 4 or 2(Mini-Kit) specimen vials, each containing a DNA preservation fluid for animal and insect tissues, a pair of tweezers, collection instructions, and return shipment bag specifically designed for bio-materials. Also included is a padded mailing envelope for the return of the vials to the closest LifeScanner Lab.
Kits available in Canada and the United States.

DNA Identification Kits


Why do I have to register my kit (with the iPhone app or online)?

Registering your kit will allow you to see your results online (app or website) and contribute important data to scientists such as where you found your samples.

What am I allowed to collect?

Currently, all LifeScanner kits are designed for animal collection - this means that you cannot collect plants or other non-animal tissues.

Is the liquid inside the vial safe?

The liquid inside the vial is non-toxic and has been developed with scientific collection by children in mind. Each kit contains the safety data sheet number for the fluid. Nevertheless, try to avoid any chance of possible skin irritation by avoiding touching or getting the liquid in your eyes if possible.